The Players now available as an e-pub


Romantic Detachment: The Players is a collection of 50 quotations by fictional artists that explore the nature of artists’ practice in relation to the romantic and magical nature of their actions painted upon them by the media and society.
The selection of quotations in this publication have a previous life as part installations, lectures and teaching since 2001. They have been employed as starting points for discussions on the nature of Fine Art and artistic practice within an historical setting.
“These quotes came from an interest in how the history of Art and life is in general the result of decisions and opinions that result in someone being either known or dismissed, avoiding the pages of history. This is independent of the merits of their artistic output. Romantic Detachment and other associated fabricated quotes are part of an alternative timeline, while the use of language is based on the perception of the artist as a cultural shaman. Artists are, in the main realists, I’ve seen no berets and smocks, just people who define their lives through creativity.

Language is used to create myths.




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