Don’t Stop The Dance

While taking part in a studio residency at Millefeuilles, Nantes in 2017 I whistled a simple tune while I walked to and from the studio across the city. This earworm framed my time in Nantes and I wrote a waltz based on the refrain which was to become a piece for learning to dance the french waltz. Starting with the earworm melody, percussion was added to suggested awkwardness as the dancer learner the steps. The piece ends with a flush as the learner understands the dance. This work is available to learn to waltz too and workshops last 15 and 30 minutes. For the debut of the piece at the opening of Le Grand Rien, visitors to the opening waltzed in the space, partners were strangers and the work was intended to be a metaphor for the process of exchange offered by the residency opportunity.

Now a performance workshop entitled ‘Don’t Stop The Dance’ to commission for gallery/venue contact artist through this website.