Le Degré


Le Degré contained various elements around the idea of degrees of separation and how our actions are resonant of the past and cause and consequence happens in the present.

1: The gallery text for the exhibition was only available as a page in the Big Issue Magazine so to know about the context for the exhibition visitors to the gallery bought a copy of the magazine from the vendor who  sold the Big Issue at the front of Chapter Art Centre.

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2: A reception was held with the artist Ivor Davies as guest of honour. On the wall a postcard image of Courbet’s ‘The Meeting” this was the first painting discussed when I studied for my BA in Fine Art. In the 1960’s, Ivor Davies met Marcel Duchamp, in 1913 Duchamp met Henri Matisse, Matisse had met Monet and Monet was a friend of Courbet. In shaking Ivor Davies hand you was 6 degrees of separation from Courbet and the painting, The Meeting.

3. 100 ceramic baguettes were made and displayed for sale. The price to be determined by the buyer. The money passed on to a local home charity. The design of the ceramics was suggestive of Matisse’s brush work and echoed a story of Matisse buying bread and sending to the front line for French soldiers in the First World War.

cropped-dscf8260.jpgEDITION X 268 X 355 EDGED TAPE LE DEGREcropped-2014-07-24-01-35-14.jpgpdf reception white bgDSCF8329image

4. Other elements in the exhibition included images relating to the process of engagement and exchange.


Defender of the Faith

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The work depicts the cracks in Malevich’s Black Square filled in and so is a document that restores the original to a total Black Square.

5. This exhibition was the first installation to use the grid system as a carrier for artworks. The pattern was suggestive of graph paper and the idea the work was unfinished and in flux while also served as a curatorial device for drawing the viewer to look at the small digital drawings. The grid was intentionally guessed and is a representation of my degree of accuracy and while appearing regimented, is an expression of my own eye and hand.

6. A typeface was created which could be installed by hand and not using a level. The serifs being variable the positioning was determined by the installer and questioned the reasoning behind an absolute horizontal or the importance of individual expression.

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