Changes to site

The first page of this site will move in the new year to more of an informal Blog of ideas/observations and actions around my arts practice. ‘As other do’. The ‘shop’ has more buttons with more examples of works available to physically own, with a dedicated page in drop down menu to brushscapes and Painting…

Glyph Maps

A series of 6 Glyph Maps will soon be available as editions, documenting bespoke typefaces created for installations and exhibitions since 2012. First map is teilo created for the exhibition The Book: Colm Cillie’s Spiral, London Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland 2013. A digital recreation of the handwriting of an unknown cleric from the 8/9th Century….


I TRUST YOU For Creative Commons non-commercial use download Bolderdash FREE HERE For Commercial use per user download it’s £5. This supports my continued practice. Thank You, all the best Richard

Changes to Website

A number of changes to the website and additional content will be added to this site in the next 2 weeks. A new page Boutique and Magasin highlights works currently available while there are a number of new drop down menus featuring new projects in progress. Thank you for viewing, kind regards Richard Higlett 14.05.2020…