1 to 1 and The Phantasien


As 1:1, Richard Higlett has collaborated with Sonic Artist and writer Leona Jones. The initial meeting was a response to a call out for a write to collaboration on a project on first pages from books. The new first pages were written in numerous styles and were staring points or diving boards for other actions, whether by 1:1 or others. They also became curatorial structures for exhibitions.


A number of pages were filmed and presented prior to cinema screenings as “unbound” while Leona Jones’ Frere Jacque was exhibited in Higlett’s “All These Worlds Are Yours Except…” exhibition.

As 1:1 they produced the 20 minute The Phantasien which was exhibited at Oriel Davies, Newtown. The Phantasien was a visual survey of a dream catcher made by Higlett that used contemporary references such as threads relating to the colour of electrical wiring. The dream catcher was a physical object made from the text “A Home In Distant Stars” one of the first pages. The Phantasien looked as the possibility a viewer could be drawn to sleep when viewing and the work then worked directly with the sub-conscious or informed the dream state. Visual art historical ends at the optic nerve before meaning is adopted by the conscious viewer. The work attempted more abstract possibilities as it played with time and movement.

Phastasien 3min edit LOW RES from Richard Higlett on Vimeo.

A voiced version of ‘A Home In Distant Stars’ was broadcast on the ‘Daily Constitutional’ a New York based podcast, in 2008.

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