After and Before


Solo Exhibition at Arcadecardiff. After and Before looked at the state of flux between open and closed, started and finished and other transactional binary conditions. Visitors were invited to hang the show themselves, selecting canvases from a stack in the corner of the space and creating their own space. The monochromes were the mean colours of planets and moons in the solar system. The continuous display and installation echoed the display windows of the shops in the arcade that surrounded the gallery. A text on the wall was a fake article from CCQ magazine which implied it was written 5 years in the future and was a ‘historical’ review of the exhibition. This article being intended to actually feature in a magazine in the future to ‘complete the loop’. A font based on dust also featured in the exhibition as did a number of ‘sideshow’ installations of other works which were photographed in the space when the gallery was closed and show on line.


DOWNLOAD Wall text by Micheal Cousin HERE

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2017-04-23 16.07.56hDSCF2489

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