Le Grand Rien

Le Grand Rien/The Big Nothing was an solo exhibition at the end of a 6 week residency at Millefeuilles Artists Studio, Nantes, France.

The presentation was part installation and part performance. A waltz was created from an earworm which I kept hearing as I walked to and from the studios. This waltz was created as an aid to learn to waltz and visitors to the exhibition were invited to learn to the French Waltz in the exhibition space, instructed by two local dance teachers. Other elements of the exhibition was a bespoke typeface based on stripes of masking tape called LGN from the french for line ‘Ligne’. This was abstracted to form a text based installation which the visitors created their own words from the letters which formed the exhibition title. Other works involved drawing with masking tape, a miniature theatre, a flip book, watercolours of shadows cast by sculptures and drawing referencing the reproduction of the work of Marcel Duchamp. The images were framed in non-reflective glass and the emphasis on the exhibition was the temporary and transitory nature of human experience and the importance of the moment.



Download LGN HERE