Farmshop was a group exhibiton curated by Paul Emmanuel. I presented 5 elements/types of work. A series of Elephant Paintings which were copies of painting drawn by elephants from the internet and followed the process of working from on-line sources in Endless Kiss. The images were smaller in scale and used a ratio based on the average trunk size and my arm to make the pieces ‘humanised’. The works took far longer to produce than the originals and involved researching to brushstrokes.

The show also featured examples of ‘collapse’ drawings using wood repair makers to depict pieces of planed pine. A number of Brushscapes also featured along with a new verson of the ‘Hunter/Gather’ reversible bag and a typeface ‘Farmshop’ based on a hand painted sign for a farmshop in a country lane somewhere in South Wales. DOWNLOAD FONT HERE

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