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Did Wally French ever visit Compton Verney? PDF

After & Before PDF

Treasure-hunting, Conversation and Chance: game-playing through artistic encounters: Anna Powell PDF

Abridged Interview Anna Powell with Richard Higlett PDF

Notes on works shown in Nantes 2016 PDF 

First Draft text for ‘le degre’ PDF

Final ‘le degre’ Handout for Exhibition only available in The Big Issue PDF

Players: Version Romantic Detachment PDF

Article for Issue 30 CCQ Magazine 2022. Text element of After & Before Exh. 2017 PDF

Etc is the new Etc 2018 version PDF

Endless Kiss Installation PDF

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All Theses Words Are Yours Except Exhibition text PDF

duchamps titled

10 Days in NY Print PDF

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^ & … The Book Project, Glynn Vivian Gallery PDF

Frankenstein Wideboy Text by Ronnie Angel Pope PDF