Starlings Planet News

3 from 5 cover and release date

Starlings Planet, the ironi-rock art pop group are currently developing their first album ‘Urban Wyrd 1’. In advance, EB has a March 8th a digital single will be available. ‘This is it (this is all that there is) AKA 3 from 5″ is a 3 minute pop song consisting of 3 verses and 5 refrains. A tell of everyday life for a call centre worker, the lyrics are spoken by Ronnie Angel Pope. The bass line mimics the phrase “Stake my claim in the singles bar” from Roxy Music’s Love is the Drug. This phrase is recalled when hearing the bass line and serves as an additional subconscious lyric in the mind of the listener.

RH 02.03.20 AKA EB

Listen Here

3 from 5 lyrics

DRAFT COVER with Lyrics


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