Glyph Maps

A series of 6 Glyph Maps will soon be available as editions, documenting bespoke typefaces created for installations and exhibitions since 2012. First map is teilo created for the exhibition The Book: Colm Cillie’s Spiral, London Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland 2013. A digital recreation of the handwriting of an unknown cleric from the 8/9th Century….


I TRUST YOU For Creative Commons non-commercial use download Bolderdash FREE HERE For Commercial use per user download it’s £5. This supports my continued practice. Thank You, all the best Richard

Changes to Website

A number of changes to the website and additional content will be added to this site in the next 2 weeks. A new page Boutique and Magasin highlights works currently available while there are a number of new drop down menus featuring new projects in progress. Thank you for viewing, kind regards Richard Higlett 14.05.2020…

As RE Higlett

Because of Covid-19 precautions I have been working from home on a number of new projects. This includes painting under the name RE Higlett Brushscapes which I have being painting on and off since 1991; in between other projects. A selection of works are now available to view/purchase on Instagram To view to instagram search…

The Players Print on Demand now available

LINK For a paper copy direct from Kindle Print/ Amazon readers click above link price £6 OR contract through this website for a an Artists or ‘A’. an annotated copy which I will alter and post out. Edition includes signed copy of boox, COA, cotton art handling gloves, bespoke bookmark, LGN digital typeface (emailed directly)….


From the golden pen of Uri, If I Were A Clock now available to download/ stream from iTunes, spotify etc etc xxx love Starling Planet Click on the ROBOT to hear

The Players on Amazon ***Print on Demand SOON***

LINK the Players is now available on Amazon/Kindle. The work is very much an ‘object’ and is currently being turned into a print on demand version. The formatting is intentional and as an electronic version not aligned to the standard format for books so is in conflict with electronic devices. This relates to a reoccurring…