Starlings Planet Gig

65023748_10157331817768245_5828489268867104768_o65071701_10157331825003245_7982113388660523008_o65126446_10157331824408245_8771415613298966528_o65147895_10157331816888245_2813787179036180480_o65201126_10157331826378245_1800467783884996608_o65553883_10157331824468245_7873447323047559168_o23.06.19 at Chapter Arts Centre as Elton Braces of Starlings Planet. Next Gig LE Pub, Newport 14.07.

ExpressYourself JULY-Final 2



Sleeve Design for edition of 50 black CD’s. Discs now available at gigs or contact me through WordPress.




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