Early video work featured in The Last Blockbuster @g39

The Last Blockbuster: Thomas Goddard

The use of libraries can seem like an oddity in the age of the internet – we cling to them as a concept, for nostalgia but also see the value in cataloguing, collecting and preserving. Artist Thomas Goddard presents the culmination of his research into the moving image collection within the g39 library.

I have 2 short films featured in artist Tom Goddard’s research project event @ g39, Cardiff 14/06/19

How to Paint (1999) is one of a series of books films from a fixed webcam, looking a the gaps between mediums. These video sketches informed later works such as ‘Endless Kiss’

There:(Past) is a short animation, and is the ‘past’ version of a piece There:Present shown at Oriel Davies Newtown for Re-drawn in the mid 2000’s. Past uses tropes associated with the past, reverb, black and white and faux lens effects to imply it is a product of a general construct of ‘the past’.

How to Paint from Richard Higlett on Vimeo.

There from Richard Higlett on Vimeo.


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