Current thinking

Examples of recent working/ideas

opportune cover

Current cover for e-pub: Opportune but expect it to change.FullSizeRender 4

Painting of damage monument. Oil on Board. Possible/likely series of 6 under name Richard French

53 terrible titles for exhibitions 2004 to 2013

Text piece: 53 Terrible Exhibition titles 2004 – 2013

77 chaplin towers

Return to idea from experimentica 2014. table

Simple sketch for negotiation table proposalIMG_8110-1

New brushscapes in progress under name RE Higlettsign on blue emanal

Blue enamel ‘french’ signage for inclusion in ‘a’ future installationno glasses

Print/poster edition of how I see my glasses when I am not wearing them.

ETC is the new ETC text work

ultimate art quote v4.jpg

book images 10/18 click2see

a folded papermountain

angst plus

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