Working title “Bodkin”

photo-1 invspectrumpantoneimageedition

“A drink that celebrates the place of the earth on its journey around the sun and our place in nature.”

As part of STC projects a proposal through GMP projects, the creation of two new beers through a brewing course at Pipes Brewery(TBC). One ale is the lightest possible in colour and the other the darkest. The lightest is drunk on the summer solstice and the darkest on the winter solstice. In between the beers are mixed proportionally to create a blend that represents a particular day; for example the mid- point between 21/06 and 21/12 would be a 50/50 mix. The beers would have a Pantone style colour chart poster with a mixing ratio for all 365 days, (the values adjusted by 1/365th for a leap years). The drink would be mixed for each event while a ‘birthday set’ of the two bottles, glass and chart could be made as an edition. GMP would need support in the promotion and design of the drink and volunteers in the manufacturing process. The drink could be offered to galleries to generate revenue for activity.
Idea: Richard Higlett 8/8/13

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