The Players on Amazon ***Print on Demand SOON***


the Players is now available on Amazon/Kindle. The work is very much an ‘object’ and is currently being turned into a print on demand version. The formatting is intentional and as an electronic version not aligned to the standard format for books so is in conflict with electronic devices. This relates to a reoccurring theme in my practice where I make what I describe as ‘acts of folly’.

A link to the PRINT version will be available here in next 24 hours.

If you want a hand annotated version of the print book then these will be available through this website shortly through google payments. In this instance, I order the book and added to it by hand before forwarding to you.



nice cover hhh

A second publication will be available shortly of the piece “Before” commissioned for Gallery B-312 in Montreal through g39 in 2005 and realised as a ‘flip book’ in a Gallery Millefeuilles, Nantes in 2017.


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