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I have joined the Band Starling’s Planet a Post-Post Modern Ironi-rock Duo based in Cardiff. It is a performance based project which played its first live gig on Sunday 9th December at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales. Uri, Vi and Elton are available to perform sets for your ‘humourous pleasure’.

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Starling’s Planet’s can be found on-line HERE

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My stage name is Elton Braces


Born in North London in 1976 above a Bacon and Bubble Cafe. He first had a brush with fame as an audience member of Top of the Pop, when he stood between Noel Edmonds and Stevie Dick. The teenage Elton shouted “Sausage Pants’ loudly over the introduction by Edmunds of ‘I should be so lucky’ by Kylie Minogue. A Youtube clip exists on the internet with almost 500,000 likes.  Elton came to Cardiff to study Fine Art at Howard Gardens in 1991.

Elton is a recent addition to the Starling’s. A pioneer of Ironik (pronounced ‘Ear-Ron-Nick) Rock in the 1990’s, he was lead singer and keyboard player for Crimes Against Graphic Design, an art pop group formed at Cardiff Art College. They are probably best known for their single ‘The Comic Sands of Time’ in 1993 which reached the dizzy heights of No. 66 for one week in the NME music charts. Elton wore Uri’s iconic berry for the first Starling’s Planet gig with white plastic glasses. A member of the audience compared is look to Captain Sensible to which Braces in true post-postmodern Ironi-Rock style said ‘I did it because I didn’t want to look Sensible..’

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