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Extract 1 In embarking on what could be seen as ‘acts of folly’ his work lends meaning to the very thing it is not. In the local group a series of images of planets were taken with either a low-resolution digital camera or mobile phone. The resulting specks of light are more the result of the sensor in the devices attempt to read the image and the unimaginable scale of a planet is shown through the limitations of manmade and earthbound technology. First recording was an image of Mars taken when the planet was the closest to earth in 67 million years. This involved a 2.1 mega pixel camera with a x4 zoom. When the image was taken the artist moved forward to get closer to the subject. The print of Mars is re-printed for each exhibition, always different, the images is more an expression of the computer and printer employed to reproduce the image that is a screen grab of the origin file.

Version 3 of Red Planet at Oriel Davies, Newtown

01 Red Planet rhiglett

Print Version


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