Demonstration of the ‘teilo’ typeface 16/11 at Llandeilo Fawr

dont lookweb
XvWbtK invphoto 2
A drop in workshop to discover more about a typeface based on the Surexit Manuscript written in the 9th Century in the margins of the St Chad Gospel, these words/letters by an unknown hand writing in Old Welsh is now a Free typeface offering the opportunity to keep the work of this unknown person alive through its continued use on your computer. I will be available to discuss the project from 11-12.30 and again from 2.00-3.30. I have also wandered into the wetland reserve in Cardiff and gathered reeds which can be fashioned into early pens so people can write messages in the style of ‘the hand’ from over 1000 years ago in the same location.
The Book A4 Flyer 3
The Shape of Things Used To Make A Church: from notebook
shapes teilo

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