Colm Cille’s Spiral Workbook

The Book
Workbook for Project.
photo 3
In Passing 2013 work at Strensham Sevices Southbound M5 part of ‘the book’ project.
teilo book style
Llandeilo Horse based on an actual horse currently for sale in Lichfield and Lichfield horse based on a horse currently for sale in Llandeilo.
Image from the install on 28/10/13 and 29/10/13 image imageProposed new piece for Derry London Derry exhibition. Error by an Unknown Person. The physical representation of an error made in the recording of the Surexit text in the St Chad Gospel in the 10th Century by an unknown member of the clergy at Llandeilo Fawr. image
One element of the project involves the recreation of the Surexit inscription in the St Chad gospel as a downloadable typeface. The text is significant as it is cited as the first example of written Welsh or ‘Old Welsh”. The characters are Latin and the text a hybrid of latin and Welsh. Written over one thousand years ago in Llandeilo Fawr, the text pre-dates the contemporary welsh alphabet and numbers just 19 letters with X inserted as a 20th character to reference numbers. A downloadable version of this first-hand writing will be available as part of ‘the book’ element of Colm Cillie’s Spiral. In the gaps in ‘the Teilo Typeface’ such as the absence of “z” or welsh letter such as “dd” as greater understanding of the evolution is understood as through direct usage on a computer involves a number of ‘dead keys’; although these are in reality keys for letters waiting to be sounds, be developed and written and used over the subsequent 1000 years.
signature piece grid
A rehearsed, copy of the signature of the hand who composed the ‘Surexit Text’ in the St Chad Gospel.
alter wordpress
Drawing of the altar of Lichfield Cathedral guesstimated from a photograph from one angle. To be used as the base for plinth for ceramic figures of cattle relating to the life of the St Chad Gospel.
universal poster
Wandering thoughts; Poster relating to the role of the altar as the centre point for transactions and conflict resolution as it seen as the place of connection between the placed Bible and God.
Guesstimated Church. Someone is asked to draw Lichfield cathedral or Llandeilo Fawr ONLY if they have never seen the church. Some from of a series of pen sketches by people asked at random.imageimage
TEST TYPEFACE quick hand
Horse Pieces.
The Gospel was exchanged on its arrival in Llandeilo for a horse. An indication the person in possession of the book understood its worth. To mark this exchange, to horses will be made from images currently for sale in the area of Lichfield and Llandeilo. These will be displayed in the opposite venues, signifying the relationship between all regions is one involving transactions, Commerce, and acts of good faith.
2013-10-05 12.54.35
photo 1-11

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