Concise Statement


My work, like the majority of artists, is a process of reduction; over time the paring down of activity into a distinct, concise act that is the simplest representation of my values for Art and the creative action. Over the past 10 years, I have been interested in initiating actions, constructing visual objects and sonic works which could be described as 'Acts of Folly'.
Examples of such acts would be 'A Song For Jack' (2008) creation of a dog choir for one-time performance and 'Prop' (2005) a 10m mirror sign in the centre of a forest. This methodology has developed into ideas about removing myself from the artwork, initially through the creation of a fictional alter-ego Wally French. Then via a series of works that were hidden and open to 'chance' discovery, I began working with sound as a physical, (yet invisible to the eye), medium. It was at this time I made Phantasien (2010), a film work designed make the viewer fall asleep and engage with their sub-conscious. For 'Soundcar', I built a roof mounted speaker system for a car to allow sound interventions in the community and develop public engagement projects. For 'All These Worlds Are Yours' for g39 Gallery I collaborated with the band Bear-man on a live interventional tour of roundabouts across Cardiff Bay playing a real-time soundtrack from within the car. Sonic works have looked at the idea of imagined presence; at the ICA, London I presented a recording of the silent part of a record, in the enhanced static the listener was drawn into the recording studio and process of creation. Since 2014, I have developed a series of typefaces including 'teilo' which references the first example of written Welsh. Music features again in my recent practice; as part of a residency at the Elan Valley I have written a series of jigs based on recordings of the flow of the water down the mountain sides. I have also worked as a curator in the past 36 months for a self initiated project space, Goat Major Projects. Key showing being The Witching Hour (2012) and Free Mountain (2014).


Richard Higlett is an artist who works across a range of media and as part of this artistic practice he also curates. He works equally with galleries and in the public realm. Previously he has presented installations, sound projects, public interventions and podcasts along with paintings, sculpture and film works. He has shown work throughout the UK and internationally in Montreal, Bruno, New York and Venice, Italy. In 2005 he won the Oriel Davis Open. In 2007, he initiated
Artist Resource Cardiff now ArtCardiff and co-founded Mermaid and Monster an artist-led curatorial agency. In 2009, he was acting Project Manager for Wales at the Venice Biennale and subsequent exhibition tour. In 2011, he co-founded Goat Major Projects a flexible project space in Cardiff. In 2012, he was the first Glynn Vivian Gallery Artist in Residence, exhibited as part of Soundworks, ICA, London and presented a series of public interventions as part of UNSEEN: Experimentica at Chapter, Cardiff. Recently he has had a solo show 'Le Degree' at Chapter and his work will feature in the Book Project, Glynn Vivian 2016. He is currently AIR at the Elan Valley, Wales.
He is an invited artist member of the Contemporary Art Society, London.